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    Do you need an original composition...

    ...which you can use to create your own dietary supplement? However, you do not have your own production facility and you need someone who

    has experience, know-how and production line?

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    You need a supplier...

    ...- you need US – partner with whom you will succeed and achieve your goals. We are private label dietary supplement contract manufacturer. Once you

    decide to hire an external company which produce a dietary supplements you need to find a reliable and experienced partner.

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    We control production processes...

    … cooperate with companies from European countries and make every effort to ensure that every order results in customer satisfaction. We know ours way around the industry of making

    supplements, so the result of each cooperation undertaken with us is to receive exactly the product you requested, with full documentation, in the place chosen and the time specified by you.



    We deal with private label dietary supplements contract manufacturing as Symbio-lab since 2011. Professionally rendered services have enabled us to thrive. Today our company stands out on the market with the highest technological level of laboratories in Poland. Among our customers there are enterprises from many European countries.

    In our activity, we do not forget about compliance with EU laws regarding the production of dietary supplements, which is why it was so important for us to obtain all necessary certificates such as GMP.

    Dietary supplement as effervescent tablet

    Effervescent tablets

    Dietary supplement as hard capsules

    Hard capsules

    Dietary supplement as sotfgel capsules

    Softgel capsules

    Coated tablets in blister


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    We offer


    Hard capsules

    (0,00,000 size)


    Softgel capsules

    softgel (20 oblong, 10 oval, 6 oval, 3 oval)


    Tablets and effervescent tablets







    What makes us different?

    Not only professional but also individual approach to each customer

    We use only the highest quality of raw materials for dietary supplements production

    We can provide ready-made dietary supplements formulas

    We have got necessary certificates

    We provide transport of the finished product

    You can place an order even for small quantities of products


    We work diligently on our success every day.

    We approach each order in a professional and individual way.

    We follow one principle – to provide the highest quality services which makes customers fully satisfied with our cooperation.


    Where do we see ourselves in a few years?

    As a manufacturer of dietary supplements whose brand is associated with a high position in the market and the quality of provided services.

    In line with our position in the market the satisfaction of companies cooperating with us is also related.

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    Do you need an original formula

    to create your own supplement?

    CONTACT US! Strzałka

    How does it look in practice?

    1 Development brainstorm at the desk


    Our technologists develop composition of the dietary supplement that meets with your requirements. We discuss the scope and details of cooperation.

    2 Product implementation in laboratory by technologist


    You accept the details of the dietary supplement and then the project goes to the laboratory. Our modern technological facilities guarantee the highest quality of medicinal products.

    3 Tablets in bottle on a production line


    Components of the dietary supplement are properly selected and enclosed in a capsule or other form chosen by you such as hard capsule, softgel capsule, tablets, effervescent tablets or sachets.

    4 Bottle and blisters with dietary supplements on a table


    How will your dietary supplement be packaged? Maybe it will fill a PET bottle or glass bottle, or maybe you will choose a blister form?

    5 Dietary supplement composition on a label


    We know its interior but how will it look from the outside? Design a label with us. We will make sure that the project meets applicable standards and regulations.

    6 Packaged hard capsules ready for transport


    The last stage. We deliver your order in a place chosen by you.

    Leave us your contact information, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!