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Published: 6 November 2020     Author: symbio_admin

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Increasing popularity of vegan capsules inquiries have became the norm. Our customers realized that the market is ready for change. The time for expanding customers group with vegans has become. If you are a person which is described above – we are here to help you! 

As a Symbio-lab we would like to inform that we are able to manufacture vegan softgel capsules as one of the few in Poland.

Vegan softgel capsules otherwise called vegetable capsules are characterized by better stability, absorption and bioavailability. Their additional advantage is better suitability to hold a range of fill materials compare to gelatin capsules.

These capsules do not contain any animal materials and any ingredient which is derived from eggs, fish, tree nuts, wheat or soy containing gluten.

All of mentioned advantages do not comes from nowhere. Production of this capsules are more complex and definitely more difficult. Comparing to gelatin capsules vegan capsules production requires more strict principles and more sophisticated technology.

Most vegan capsules products you can find on a market are Omega 3 (EPA/DHA), Vitamin E, or Vitamin D3.

In our offer you can find variety of marine oils like fish oils, shark liver oil, algae oil or krill oil. We can offer also a lot of different plant oils – Coenzyme Q10, Pumpkin seed, Flaxseed, Omega 3/6/9 or Evening Primrose oil.


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